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There are more than 300 different condo communities on Maui but it's important to know that fewer than half of those communities (only about 130) allow short term vacation rentals. When shopping for a condo on Maui it's vital that you work with an expert who knows how to differentiate between condos that can be vacation rented and those that are for long term use only.

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We have been been helping clients buy and sell vacation condos since 1985 and have developed special tools and resources to help you find just the right property. Take a look at our featured listings and explore some of our beautiful communities.

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chart showing the difference in sales price for vacation condos

How much more does a vacation condo cost?

The short answer is that you will pay on average between 40% to 60% more for a condo that allows vacation rental use. As you can see from the chart in this section, the average sales price in 2022 for a vacation condo on Maui was $1,299,183 which is 44.29% more than the price for a regular (long term use) condo which was $900,342 in 2022.

The price difference will vary significantly depending on the size of the unit. For example, the price for 3 bedroom vacation condos has risen significantly in the last two years due to high demand for that lager style of unit. As a result, the average sales price for a 3 bedroom vacation condo was $4,265,337 in 2022 which is 190% above the price for a regular 3br condo (2022 average was $1,467,575).

Chart showing price difference for 2 bedroom units between vacation and long term condos
Chart showing significant price difference for 3 bedroom vacation condos versus long term use

Updated July 17, 2024 Market Glance for Vacation Condos

Active Listings

 Average asking price

Average asking price per square foot

Vacation Condo Sales by Year

846 Number of units sold
(down from 1,264 in 2021)

$944,000 Median sales price
(up from $760,000 in 2021)

$1,210.05 Median sales price per square foot
(up from $920.00 in 2021)

1,264 Number of units sold
(up from 629 in 2020)

$760,000 Median sales price
(up from $710,000 in 2020)

$920.00 Median sales price per square foot
(up from $815.85 in 2020)

629 Number of units sold
(down from 776 in 2019)

$710,000 Median sales price
(up from $630,000 in 2019)

$815.85 Median sales price per square foot
(up from $780.36 in 2019)

776 Number of units sold
(up from 758 in 2018)

$630,000 Median sales price
(up from $590,000 in 2018)

$780.36 Median sales price per square foot
(up from $724.66 in 2018)

758 Number of units sold

$590,000 Median sales price

$724.66 Median sales price per square foot

Why are vacation condos on Maui so desirable?

Wailea Beach Villas has a prime beachfront location

Great Locations

Vacation condominiums on Maui have some of the very best beachfront and oceanfront locations where the coastline is just a short distance away from the units. Communities that are not direct oceanfront, whether it's just across the street or further inland, still have prime locations to offer great views or other important benefits.

Tennis court at Kihei Alii Kai

Premium On-site Amenities

Vacation condos tend to have larger and higher quality pools as well as more on-site amenities including tennis courts, fitness centers, clubhouses and barbecue areas.

Access to the best of Maui

Because vacation condos are located in the most popular areas that cater to visitors, many of the best shops, restaurants and activities are conveniently close by and easy to access.

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Map of Vacation rentable condos

Use this interactive map to explore the locations of the condo communities which allow short term vacation rental use.

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Maui has some of the finest vacation condos communities in the entire State of Hawaii. If you or anyone you know is ready to work with the Top Realtor on Maui for vacation condos please contact us today!

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